Rimba Geneva Kegal Ball Training Set Pink


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    The Geneva set includes 3 different kegel balls with gradual increased weights, developed to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles.

    Effective kegel exercises improve vaginal health, resulting in increased libido and enhanced sexual satisfaction.

    Each kegel ball is equipped with a silicone string to easily take out the ball after use. Start by wearing the ball with the lightest weight, 46 grams, learn how to squeeze and hold the ball inside the vagina for 2 seconds in sessions of 10 or 20. Exercise frequently and slowly increase the duration of the training to the first 5 and later 10 seconds. Change to a heavier ball, 77 grams and work your way up to the heaviest ball, 107 grams.

    Ball 1
    Length 137 mm
    Diameter 36 mm
    Weight 46 grams

    Ball 2
    Length 160 mm
    Diameter 28 mm
    Weight 107 grams

    Ball 3
    Length 172 mm
    Diameter 32 mm
    Weight 77 grams