Open Mouth Gag Head Harness with Plug Stopper


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    Unleash your dominant side with this jaw-dropping leather head harness that forces your submissive to maintain an enticingly open mouth. Just the sight of it on your slave will get you on like crazy. Take off the cap to hear them better or to take control of their mouth! Your naughty pet will feel incredibly vulnerable and helpless in this badass. Have your way with their body, giving them pleasure, teasing them, and driving them wild.

    Product dimensions 64 x 62 x 3,2 cm
    Product weight 164 gram
    Product diameter 3,7 cm
    Inner diameter 3,2 cm
    Splashproof Yes
    Phthalate free Yes
    Specifications Completely adjustable.
    Materials 70% PU leather, 25% Metal, 5% PP

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    Weight 0.24 kg
    Washing Instructions

    Wipe down

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    Faux Leather


    Shots Toys


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