Justin and Simon Classic GString Red


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    Have you heard of the Justin+Simon G-String Bulge? It has been designed with the best imagination of the designers, it has a supportive front pouch that holds and lifts your package, creating an enhancement effect that can be noticed through your clothes.

    Justin and Simon was designed for men who want to feel sexy and show it off, whether you’re going on a date, having a wild night out, or just want to feel confident for yourself and your special someone, this item is for you.

    It is cleverly cut to fit your lifestyle every day. The fabric composition helps to get a better stretchy feeling, making the pouch fit. Feel wild and sexy, drive your someone wild with desire, try a G-String Bulge and you’ll never go back to other styles. Enjoy a truly enjoyable and unique wearing experience they are very comfortable and make you feel free. You can even wear it as a swimsuit, as the fabric is chlorine resistant. It does not come with a liner, however, it is not see-through when wet.

    Can be used as swimwear. Chlorine Resistant

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