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  • Animhole Whales Dildo


    The WHALES dildo from the ANIMHOLE range is a sex toy designed with an original and exciting shape.  An insertable length of 26cmA width of 7.7cm on the top.Veined and textured surface.With a suction cup base.

  • Animhole Wolf Dildo


    The Wolf dildo from the Animhole range is a 21cm insertable length dildo with a maximum width of 10.2cm. The width varies according to the insertion levels. It is 6cm on the upper part of the dildo and 10cm at its widest point. The shape represents the penis of a wolf and gives extreme sensations. The shape at the start…

  • Animhole Zebra Dildo


    The Zebra dildo is a dildo from the Animhole range made up of an astonishing form of 35cm insertable length and 8.2cm maximum width.The upper part has the most important width. This gives intense sensations from the start of the insertion. The shape represents a zebra penis. The surface is veined for even more pleasure.With a suction cup….

  • Babyhorse Dildo


    The BABYHORSE dildo from the ANIMHOLE range is a sextoy consisting of an insertable length of 23cm. The width is 4.5cm on the glans and reaches 5.5cm maximum. The shape is exciting and has thick lines and ribs for even more intense sensations. With a suction cup base. It is made of quality vinyl.

  • Belladonnas Bitch Fist Realistic Dildo


    She’s the kinkiest girl in porn. And when she makes a fist, she knows exactly where it’s going. Get as nasty as you want to be with Belladonna’s Bitch Fist! An exact replica cast from the superstar herself, it’s made in the USA of Doc Johnson’s own latex-free, anti-bacterial Sil-A-Gel formula. Can you handle it?

  • Belladonnas Magic Hand Realistic Dildo


    Molded from Belladonna herself, a life size replica of her hand

  • Big Stuff 11 Inch Realistic Dildo With Balls


    Indulge your fantasies in taking a very large penis with this superbly crafted 11 inches long realistic looking penis-shaped dildo that will slide into your vagina or anus to deliver that filled-up feeling.   Manufactured in flash coloured bendable material, this beast of a dildo offers a smooth penis head along with veined shaft and…

  • Blackdicky Tim And Rod Double Dildo


    The Tim and Rod dildo is a 16cm long insertable double dildo. It has 2 widths one in the profile of 4cm and another in front of 8cm. The shape of this dildo is original and gives intense sensations. The insertion is exciting by simulating a double penetration. With suction cup.

  • Dick Rambone Gigantic Black Dildo


    Doc Johnson’s Dick Rambone Cock is an enormous dong that will never leave you wanting more. Molded from the eponymous porn star, famous for his well-equipped tool, this monster cock with veined shaft will fill users an amazing fifteen inches deep. Brave the Rambone hands-free with the dependable suction cup base, or partner up for…

  • Dodger Army Boot Dildo


    The Boot dildo from Dodger Army consists of a 26cm insertable dildo part with a progressive width of 5.5cm to 8.5cm. Its shape of boots is original and gives possibilities for additional sexual games. Realistic shape.

  • Fist Impact Deep Dive DIldo


    The Deep Dive sex toy from the Fist Impact range has an insertable length of 38cm and a progressive width ranging from 10cm to 14cm. The form is designed with two hands glued together simulating a double fist. The width is important from the start of the insertion for very extreme sensations.

  • Fist Impact Footx Dildo


    The Footx dildo from the Fist Impact range is a sex toy made up of two parts.The foot measuring 24cm in length and the upright part of 18cm of insertable length and a width ranging from 6.5 to 7.3cm. The shape is ideal for a pleasant and exciting insertion. It is perfect for increasing the possibilities…

  • Fist Impact Hold The Fist


    This sex toy HOLD THE FIST is composed of 34cm length9cm wide hand7cm arm Ideal for simulating. Made of phthalate-free vinyl material.

  • Fist Impact Long Deep Hold Fist Dildo


    The LONG DEEP HOLD dildo from the Fist Impact range is a sex toy with an insertable length of 30cm. The width is 8cm on the fist. The width is then 5.5 to 7cm. It is made in the shape of a forearm with the fist closed to give intense sensations. It has a suction…

  • Fist Impact Victory Dildo


    The Victory fist dildo is a toy from the Fist Impact range with an insertable length of 34cm. The width is 8cm on the fist. The Forearm part has a width ranging from 5.5 to 8.5cm. Suction cup base. Made of quality vinyl.

  • Fist It Fisting Power Fist


    Are you up for the extreme? When you go all the way with Fist It there is no turning back! This will raise sting to a whole new dimension, the realistic 12.8-inch fist is designed with realistic knuckles and fingers for ultimate pleasure! It’s made out of the highest quality rubber, is firm yet flexible…